Araya USA

U.S. distribution for Japan's oldest bicycle rim manufacturer.

Welcome to the site of Araya USA. Araya Industrial of Japan has been a prolific maker of bicycle rims for over 100 years. The USA branch of Araya currently brings in a few aftermarket models for touring and road bicycles. We are planning to also bring Araya's bicycles to the USA as well.


Pursuing the Potential
of the Bicycle

      Araya Industrial has over a century of experience making bicycle rims. Their first rims were formed out of wood. Since then Araya has engineered rims using aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, and stainless steel. They were most popular in the USA back in the 70's and 80's where they could be found on many higher quality road, MTB and BMX bikes. They left the USA and European in the late 80's. In Japan however, they continued to make rims and even produce their own line of Araya-branded bicycles. They've also branched out into other metal fabrication and manufacture heavy industrial equipment.
       Wholesaler agent, Merry Sales, a veteran company in the bicycle industry as well, has decided to bring Araya back in to the United States. We are currently offering a selection of road, touring and mountain rims and wheels. We also import several other Japanese bike accessory brands into the USA. We are a wholesaler and only sell through bike shops or to other distributors.